Firebase Password Free Signin w Email Link


By Ronnie Royston

Originally Published 12/12/2018
Updated 12/12/2018


App users are more concerned about privacy than ever before, and remembering a password for each app becomes impractical. Authenticating via an email link enables a password free signin. The user clicks the sign in button which triggers an email to that user. Once the link in the email is clicked, app access is enabled for that specific device.


A remarkable feature of this code implementation is that for each successive signin, user accounts are merged - including user metadata, or profile data, stored in your data store.

Setup and Installation

This is a Firebase specific implementation therefore a Firebase project is required. Enable email/password signin method and toggle the Email link (passwordless sign-in) on.


The HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code is published on Github, along with instructions on setup.

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