Backup Best Practices


By Ronnie Royston

Originally Published 7/4/2019
Updated 7/4/2019


Precious emotion evoked by an old picture is a joy, yet the idea of losing that snapshot forever motivates one to consider best practices regarding document storage. What are best practices regarding saving precious documents such as images, audio, and videos?

Practically speaking, a copy stored on duplicate DVD's is recommended, and for extra precious documents, print out a copy as well. You want two DVD's - a copy, and a backup. Store the backup in a separate location, along with the printed out copies. The more physical distance between the original and the backup the better. Have a family member or friend that lives in another city keep the backup.



The method of storage is a compromise between convenience and cost. Self replicating storage seems most reliable. In other words, storage which continuously builds copies of itself, e.g. human beings. Albeit, humans are known to struggle with understanding the meaning of their life.

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