Firestore Synchronous Import Code

Import JSON file into Firestore via the Firebase Admin SDK.

Service Worker Offline Status

Display a custom notification view when web browser is offline using a service worker.

Update Firebase SDK's Script for Node.js

Run this Node script on your development machine to fetch and concatenate the Firebase SDK code in to a single file.

FFmpeg Cheat Sheet

FFmpeg popular commands and cheat sheet. Compress mp4, Transcoding, Trimming A Multimedia File, Join Audio and Video Files, Add a Watermark to a Video, and Reassembly of Transport Stream Video.

Is Network Security an Oxymoron?

Extraordinary content is forever at risk. Adhere to a data retention policy and destroy sensitive data as soon as possible.

Grunt - Getting Started

Workflow Automation for Web Developers, Grunt 101

Firebase Admin SDK Bulk Import Tool

Import CSV file into Firestore via the Firebase Admin SDK on Node.js

Firebase Functions - Trigger Email

Automatically Send Email With Firebase Cloud Functions Firestore Triggers

Firebase Password Free Signin w Email Link

Easy to follow JavaScript to authenticate without a password by using signin via email link. Accounts and user meta data are merged upon each re-authentication.

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