Firestore Synchronous Import Code

Import JSON file into Firestore via the Firebase Admin SDK.

Service Worker Offline Status

Display a custom notification view when web browser is offline using a service worker.

Node Script Creating Firebase Custom Claims

Script to easily add custom attributes to users of your Firebase app.

Update Firebase SDK's Script for Node.js

Run this Node script on your development machine to fetch and concatenate the Firebase SDK code in to a single file.

FFmpeg Cheat Sheet

FFmpeg popular commands and cheat sheet. Compress mp4, Transcoding, Trimming A Multimedia File, Join Audio and Video Files, Add a Watermark to a Video, and Reassembly of Transport Stream Video.

Is Network Security an Oxymoron?

Extraordinary content is forever at risk. Adhere to a data retention policy and destroy sensitive data as soon as possible.

Grunt - Getting Started

Workflow Automation for Web Developers, Grunt 101

Firebase Admin SDK Bulk Import Tool

Import CSV file into Firestore via the Firebase Admin SDK on Node.js

Firebase Functions - Trigger Email

Automatically Send Email With Firebase Cloud Functions Firestore Triggers

Rich Card Previews on Social Media

Code that enables rich card previews of your website when shared on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Firebase Password Free Signin w Email Link

Easy to follow JavaScript to authenticate without a password by using signin via email link. Accounts and user meta data are merged upon each re-authentication.

Backup Best Practices

Best practices regarding saving precious documents such as images, audio, and videos.

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